YouTube filtering for schools

YouTube filtering in schools and Safe YouTube for Kids

YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch videos. Like, share and comment on them and even upload their own videos. People make accounts on YouTube like any other social media platform and then use it to voice their opinions and upload videos about anything they want to. The content on YouTube can range from anything to tutorials for university students to travel vlogs by content creators. For some people it’s a solution provider for almost anything.

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YouTube Filtering for Schools

The development of Education has now led many schools and online education providers to use YouTube as a source of providing education to their students. They upload videos pertaining to all their courses and many interactive lectures for students to learn in an easier way. Moreover this allows education access to people living anywhere. It’s no surprise that everyone has access to internet today even people who are not educated enough and are living in rural areas have access to a smartphone thus data or Wi-Fi.

As we know with everything good there is always a down side to it. Similarly using YouTube is not all good. When students get access to this wide database of videos it is impossible that they don’t see the adult content that is present there. It is then vitally important for schools to ensure that the students who are trying to use YouTube for educational purposes are only able to use it for that. Getting swayed away with entertaining content is very easy and especially for students who are easily distracted.

Here is a brief on YouTube filtering for schools and some tips on safe YouTube for kids


YouTube filtering in schools and Parents Guide on Safe YouTube

There are many things on YouTube and watching anything educational is one of the last things anyone would want to do. Content on YouTube is very interesting and entertaining. An article recently written revealed the most popular type of videos on YouTube.

  1. Product Review Videos; people resort to YouTube before buying anything hence making this the most popular kind of videos on YouTube
  2. How-To Videos; the bread earning videos for beauty bloggers and influencers. Many channels are devoted solely to these kind of videos and have millions of subscribers.
  3. Vlogs; these videos are again garnering the views of hundred and millions of people. Influencers and many other celebrities have channels dedicated to this and most of their viewers are mostly teenagers.
  4. Gaming Videos; video game lovers throughout the world watch videos by many of their favorite gamers.
  5. Comedy and skits; these videos fall into the category of the viral videos because people always love to laugh!
  6. Haul Videos; incredibly popular among the youth. Many brands rely on these to introduce their new products. Beauty Influencers make these videos have millions of subscribers.

The list goes on to increase and educational videos rank somewhere on number 9 according to their popularity. This means that it is highly likely that students will go on to watch this kind of videos rather than watching educational videos. We now pretty much know why schools need to filter YouTube. It’s not just obscene content but many other entertaining things that we need to prevent our students from seeing in their time of studies.

How you can ensure YouTube safety with YouTube filtering for schools

To make sure that students can access the good without the bad YouTube has introduced YouTube for Schools. It is a service tailor-made for schools that allows restricted access to the content on YouTube to students, teachers and administrators. YouTube Education provides schools access to hundreds of thousands of free educational videos. These videos come from a number of respected organizations. You can customize the content available in your school. All schools get access to all of the YouTube EDU content, but teachers and administrators can also create playlists of videos that are viewable only within their school's network. Furthermore allowing students to access only a portion of videos on YouTube has become necessary to do so because of the CIPA regulations which is every school is supposed to follow. YouTube School might be solving some of the problems for schools but the software is not enough and many schools have to resort to using other software’s to prevent excessive blocking.

NuEDUSec is a cloud based platform whose sole purpose is to provide services to schools regarding web security and content filtering. They also help schools have their own management system for maintaining online student portals. They specialize in easing CIPA compliance and providing on campus internet security with minimal costs as compared to the traditionally available expensive solution providers.

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