Teacher Student Texts - Communication Built for Education

Communication is a key aspect in daily life. This is especially true when it comes to school. While there shouldn’t be any problem with communication in class since the classroom is designed for communication, what happens when it is outside of the classroom?

Yes, it is still important for teachers and students to communicate even when they are outside of the classroom. It can be for announcements, class reminders, assignments, and sometimes just basic FYI if a student can attend a class or not. For these and many other reasons, proper teacher student texts communication platform is needed. 

Teacher Student Texts

Teacher Student Texts Platform

Any and all smartphones today has the ability to send and receive SMS messages. While this works, it is not the most efficient way for teacher student texts. What is needed is a dedicated platform wherein teachers can communicate with students effectively. A platform that is easy to use and would not be a burden on day-to-day activities. A platform that allows two-way messaging and even group messaging for classes. A platform specifically built for educators. 

A dedicated platform for communication allows more active engagement within the campus community. It ensures that messages sent to the students are received and read. And it allows students to stay on top of everything that is going on in school. 

And it’s not only the students and teachers who can benefit from this, but the parents as well. They can be in the loop of all communication, so they are informed of everything that is happening in school as well. This can be invaluable to parents since they would want to be updated with the progress of their children at school.

Teachers, students, and even parents can also set reminders through the platform. In this way, they do not miss any important assignment or event for school.

All in all, teacher student texts platform can help extend the learning beyond the classroom.


Security of Teacher Student Texts Platform

One of the most important issues that campuses need to address with parents is security. No parent would enroll their child if they feel that the campus is not doing everything it can to ensure the safety of the students. Other forms of digital communication can be accessible to people outside of the school. SMS for example; if someone has the phone number of a student, they can send messages to that person. The same goes for emails and other digital communication mediums.

A dedicated platform for teacher student texts can help appease that problem by only having registered students and faculty in the system. This ensures that no one outside the campus will be able to directly communicate with the students.

It is clear that a messaging platform is important when it comes to education in this day and age. But it should never come at the cost of student safety and online privacy. This is why at NuEDUSEC, we offer end-to-end services when it comes to security and safety of the campus' digital environment. To learn more on how we can help you, contact us today.