Parent Portal App

In this era of technological advancement, no school should manually store student information. An efficient system that does not waste time should be the ultimate goal. A Student Information System (SMS0, also called the Student Information Management System (SIMS) is software designed to help school administrators manage and track all student information. The app tracks student attendance, grades, student behavior, etc. by use of a parent portal app.

Parent Portal App and its 6 Benefits

The parent portal app is a secure internet-based app, which helps parents view their children’s school data, track their attendance, read comments from the teacher and communicate with the teacher concerning the child. The system creates a sense of responsibility between the school and the parent about the student. The parent portal helps to build and improve on the involvement of parents in their children’s education.

 Parent Portal App

The parent portal app makes it easier for parents to be hands-on and ensures the parents can access their children’s data from anywhere, on their devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of the Parent Portal App

The parents’ portal is of great benefit to parents and their children. The following are the advantages:

1. Grades Check

Older children, especially from 10- 12 years, try to avoid school-based conversations with their parents. They tend to feel that their parents are too pushy when it comes to matters touching on education. Most parents use the parental app to check their children’s grades; with most obsessing about how poorly, the child is doing in certain subjects.

A parent portal app helps a parent track how well the child is doing, and discusses any problems with the teacher. Before parents talk to the children on grades, the parent, by using the app, speak to the teacher about what the problem could be, and seek a solution.

2. Attitude Change via Parent Portal App

The parent portal app goes a long way in changing the attitude of students toward school, helping them improve their grades. Parents can check the data via the parent portal app and understand their children’s grades for every assignment. Once the parents and students learn the parents’ portal app is designed to help, there will be an attitude shift concerning the app.


3. Help Improve Parents’ Involvement In Child’s Schoolwork

The app is an excellent push towards parents getting more involved with schoolwork. The parent portal app has information on everything, including any class or school meetings. The notifications pop up on the parent’s smartphone and push parents to get involved in their children’s school progress.

4. Improves Parent-Child Relationship

Parental app indirectly helps to improve the parent-child relationship. Once the parent and child have established the portal is a big help, they can set goals that suit both of them. This helps to foster better communication between child and parent, and ultimately, parent and school. The parent tracks the child’s school attendance, behaviors and grades, which say a lot about the child. If there is a problem, the child feels they can open up about where the problem lies.

5. Ensures Child safety

The parents’ portal app ensures the child is safe at all times. In case of any contact changes, the parent updates on the app. For example, if specific individuals, such as an auntie or other family members, should pick the child, the parent can update on the app about any changes. This minimizes risks of kidnappings. The parent can track the child’s attendance, and if the child misses school for any reason, the parent portal app is useful in telling the school why the child is absent. If the child is playing truant, the parent will quickly find out. With some extra additions, the app can pinpoint the location of the school bus.

6. Keeps Track of Fee Payments

The portal app allows parents to check if there are any fee arrears. It also shows the parent how they have been paying fees in case there is a dispute.


Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when school administrators had do paperwork manually. A painstaking job that was bound to include many errors and technology has changed all that. The parents’ portal app solves the problem of parent-school communication and improves school efficiency.