Real Time Parent Portal

How Real Time Parent Portal Work

Schools deal with a lot of data at any given time, coupled with a lot of labor-intensive paperwork. Technology made things more manageable with the introduction of the real time parent portal. These portals go a long way in making the administrators’ and teachers' jobs more comfortable, but also stress and error-free. For example, getting a parent’s permission for a field trip became more accessible with the real-time portal in comparison to waiting for written approval.

Real Time Parent Portal

Real Time Parent Portal Benefits

A portal is defined as a web-based platform, which gathers data from various sources into one interface. The users get relevant information within their required context. The Real time parent portal is web-based in its communication and allows you to access your child’s profile from anywhere, at any time. The secure real time parent portal uses the SIS (Student Information System). Only information that relates to your child is visible to the parents. Data is updated, such as health information, permissions, and new emergency phone numbers. There are several ways the real time parent portal helps a parent-child relationship:

Actual Time Parent Portal Provides Vital Information

The real time parent portal allows a school to put up information on class schedules, attendance report cards, grades, lunch menus, etc. The entrance is an excellent way of monitoring your child’s progress without having to ask them for their report card and graded tests.

Most school-going children, especially pre-teens and teens, hate feeling like their parents are prying or putting too much pressure on them to perform. Healthy communication between the parent and school is essential for a student’s success. The parent-student relationship is made stronger when a parent communicates with the school on the real-time portal app before talking to the student.

Real Time Parent Portal Allows For Instant Communication

Communication becomes easier between the school and parents as both sides can post notices on the real-time portal app. With a constant internet connection, the parent can easily access the portal 24/7. Any incidents posted are viewed in real-time.

Since parents can update contact details, it is easy to alert the school if there are any changes. This reduces any chances of incidents like abductions. The school knows at all times, which is picking the child, and if a stranger were to show up, it would be easy to arrest the situation on time. If there are changes, the parent needs should update the details on the real- time parent portal and call the school as well. If a child is ill, notifications are sent to the real time parent portal with the student’s SIS, meaning only the child’s parent can view, and the same will appear on their mobile app.


Parent Involvement Via The Real Time Parent Portal

The real-time portal app provides parents real-time access to their child or children’s school attendance, grades, school diary, class moments, school events and news, etc. This portal is an excellent way for more parents to get more involved in the child’s school life. The parents and teachers communicate with each other, sharing any opinions and concerns they might have regarding the child. As long as the internet is available, there is continual communication between the parent and the teacher.

The parent becoming more involved reduces cases of truancy, and undone homework is arrested. If a child shows any strange signs, the parent does not have to come to school. The teacher discusses it with the parent online on the real-time portal app, and they reach a compromise. Only in extreme cases do parents have to come to school.

Use The Real Time Parent Portal to Teach Responsibility

The real time parent portal can become a lesson in responsibility. The children know their parents monitor them via the portal. Talking to them about owning up to, their responsibility works better than lecturing them about their poor grades. It is easier to teach them that they need to do what is expected without monitoring. Parents should have a weekly school meeting with their child and discuss what is in there, from grades to attendance. This does not mean the parent does not look at the portal daily. It just means the parent should not obsess over grades. The parent should use the portal to benefit both the child and the parent.


In these busy times, technology ensures we keep a grip on what our children are up to in school. If a child’s grades drop, we can tell via the real-time parent portal app. We can easily discuss our children’s progress in school, check their attendance, and check school events. Parents no longer have an excuse for forgetting a school event!