Monitoring Student’s Chromebooks And Protecting the Future!

Technology has entrenched itself into our lives so deep that its existence has threatened to exceed humanity. The only way to move forward in this age and time is to make sure that we befriend technology from the very beginning. The beginning of this journey occurs in a classroom and what better way to move away from our traditional books and shift to Chromebooks. Nonetheless protecting our kids is the foremost priority. Technology can be both beneficial and harmful, hence it is essential for us to monitor students Chromebooks.

Monitor Student Chromebooks Free

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are laptop and tablet like devices but have a different operating system called the Chrome OS. It does not operate by using the usual Windows or MacOS but has it very own unique operating system which makes it less prone to risks of viruses and malware. Furthermore they are lighter to carry around and are also not very highly priced, perfect for the use of a student. The price can only go as high as $350 and fall to $200. It is more suitable to use if the work is more browser orientated rather than using apps.


Why we need Chromebooks today?

One of the most important reasons that was recently revealed by Forbes in an article was that the schools are choosing to use Chromebooks due to the lower costs, easier management and support and ease to deploy. The result of all this is that even initially and for the longer haul the administration ends up saving a lot of money while providing the 21st century experience of education. We have recently seen that computers have been replacing man in many jobs so it is essential to our growth now that we integrate them in our lives and make sure that there characteristics never surpass ours and the only possible way to do that is by working side by side with them from the very start. The use of Chromebook in schools provides an opportunity to the students to acquaint themselves with the ever growing technology in their safe haven.

Moreover, surprisingly enough as many educators believe that they may distract students is actually falls as a recent survey showed that 63% of the students say that the benefits of technology in the classroom outweigh any potential distractions. The use of technology actually makes learning interactive and easier allowing the students to connect with their fellows in the class an around the world. The greatest benefit connected to the use of Chromebooks in a world attacked by global warming is that they will reduce the use of paper. A research shows that on average a school uses paper worth 74 trees per year. By using Chromebook we allow the teachers to manage and check the work of students through online reporting and also prevent any kind of plagiarism very easily! Along with all these benefits you can always keep an eye on the kind of information the student is accessing and even block any content you deem unfit for the use of a student.

The use of Chromebooks is opening new doors of learning for students, this is a requirement to be the creative and innovative being that the world now requires.

Why should we monitor Student’s Chromebooks?

However, with the widespread use of technology it is essential for us to make sure that our kids are having a safe experience on the internet which is the home to many monstrosities. It is thus essential for school to monitor the student’s Chromebook in an effective way both at their school and home and keep a track of whatever they are researching to be well aware of their fragile mind bound to be effected very easily. The internet is a place of endless possibilities. There is so much to explore that it would we be way too easy for school going kids to get swayed away easily into the deep dark secrets of the internet. Monitoring the students is not only done to protect them from the prevailing threats on the internet regarding cyberbullying but more importantly to maintain their privacy from parasites. People who feed on innocent children who end up providing personal information for signing into a game or a plenty of other reasons. By doing this they not only threaten their security but anyone associated to them and exposes them to the risk of their data violation. Any information that will allow the perpetrator to access personally identifiable information will leave you vulnerable to everything. So protecting your students and monitoring his internet usage is not only for his wellbeing but for people associated to him too.

How can NuEDUSEC help monitor student Chromebooks for free?

It is an outstanding platform for schools to make sure that their students are always safe. It aims at providing the best online experience to the students while making sure that it does not in any way harm them. Their cloud based platform provides protection and monitors students. The mechanism of classroom flags is perfect for monitoring chromebooks. It allows to set up management to guide, monitor and enforce safe internet usage while ensuring the privacy of the students and the faculty alike. NuEDUSEC is well equipped to provide any kind of service which the school administration feels is the best option to monitor their student’s chromebooks in an organizational method.

NuEDUSEC by offering a wide range of safety mechanisms for filtering out harmful content will safeguard your students. Although, the success of all the safety mechanisms and monitoring is only possible if the students are guided accordingly and told to use their devices in the best manner possible.