How to Monitor Student Learning?

Student learning is a very complex aspect of teaching of the education system. Some might argue that it is the only thing that is necessary for the smooth working of the education system but make no mistake, passing a test and scoring nicely on an assessment is not enough at any point. Anyhow, that’s a debate for another time.

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How to Monitor Student Learning

How Teachers can Monitor Student Learning?

When we put in time, effort and our energy in to something we expect it to ripe so that we can take full benefit from it. Similarly when a teacher puts in long hours at the school he/she gives not only his time, effort and energy but affection and acre to a student who she teaches. A teacher makes sure that her student is not only well educated but a responsible citizen of the state. In order to make sure that the teacher is fully successful in her job every institute has come up with mechanisms similar to an assessment or test to adjudge the ability of the student to grasp whatever he is being taught.

Guide on How to Monitor Student Learning


Not only do these assessments allow you to test his abilities at one given point but successive assessments throughout the year show proof of his improvement if there was any. Sometimes a student may be scoring well but more than that. It would be these successive assessments that would allow the teacher to specifically see the area where he lacks and help him achieve more. However, it must be understood that a grade or some numbers out of a test are not the sole indicator of a student’s success as mentioned above there are a number of factors that contribute to his learning experience at his institute.

Effectively monitoring student learning will allow the teacher to periodically make changes in his method of teaching if there seems to be a need or pay extra attention to one kid in order to improve his performance.

Here is some extra information on how to monitor student learning efficiently. These are some of the major ways to keep a check on the teacher’s ability to teach and the student’s to learn.

4 Ways on How to Monitor Student Learning?

  • Curriculum Based Testing
    This is the most common and tested way to keep your students in check. Every subject has a certain guidelines within which it operates and is taught to students. Over the time period that the course was taught students were probably taught from a book or provided materials which proved to be the source of their information on the topic. It is this material that teachers will be testing in the assessments that they design. Learning should not be tested by simply demanding the student to reproduce what he studied but ask him question that require him to critically analyze what he read and then reproduce his opinion on an exam paper. Definitely this method is more appropriately used with writing and reading orientated subjects. Courses such as mathematics would be harder to adjudge on the same criteria but the point of these assessments should be to only test their ability to apply what they learned.
  • Observation and interaction
    Observation of students and judging their behavior in class while keenly interacting with them is another way of keeping in touch with their learning ability. Observing the response of your students will give you an insight of what they are learning from the said lecture. This interaction with students will also allow teachers to motivate and encourage students to move in the right direction. This may also help boost the student’s confidence and help him achieve an even new limit.
  • Frequent Evaluations
    Highlighting the areas of weakness more frequently is very beneficial for students as school going kids are very fast learners and the more quickly their mistakes are highlighted the more they would be flexible to make changes. Moreover, it will increase their participation in class to get more constructive feedback. Thus giving them an opportunity to grow even more with every evaluation.
  • Formative assessment
    Formative assessment is utilized to screen the students learning procedures to give progressing input that can be utilized by educators or instructors to improve their instructing and by students to improve their learning.

These may be very comprehensive methods of testing and monitoring the students learning ability but it is a long process which requires a lot of attention to be paid to the details.

NuEDUSEC took it upon themselves to make this process of monitoring a trouble free one for the school as a whole. By using its Classroom Flags and Delegate Reporting system it will allow the teacher to be sure of the students’ progress and monitor it along the way. The management portal further eases the job and will allow a centralized monitoring policy to be put in place for the betterment of students and the institution.