Why is it important to have a secure web for students?

The promise with which technology was brought in our life was to make it simpler. But has it really made it any simple or complicated it more for us? The problems that we face every day due to the internet and the substantial amount of time that we spend online are increasing day by day. From cyber bullying to cyberattacks and hacking the time that we were supposed to enjoy has become harder to enjoy. I think someone very rightfully said that life was simpler when Apple and Blueberry were just fruits. Nonetheless, the reality is that these fruits have become corporate firms that affect our lives on a daily basis actually on an hourly basis and there is no way we can avoid their use. Our life revolves around our phones and spending time online to get done more than half of the things that we do.

To understand why web security is important and essentially why for a student we will take you through a step by step guide!

Web for Student

The importance of web security

As we have already mentioned that considerable amount of our time is spent online which is why we need security. Similarly, students these days have resorted to very creative and innovative ways of studying. Their research is not restricted to libraries and archives. Everything is only a click away of the World Wide Web and they fully exploit it but at the same time they are exposed to the threatening and cruel society on the internet. While studying or researching they will always encounter materials that are inappropriate for their age and people who could easily have a maligning influence on them.

The amount of data that is stored on websites is humungous from their clients information to the employees everything is contained in one single website usually. Similarly universities, schools and colleges all have a network or a student portal to stay in close contact with all of their students. They also use these portals for often researching and contacting their peers and teachers. This kind of a portal is just like the old age phone number diary, any minute it gets into the wrong hands it’ll wreak havocs. Hackers are looking for this kind of data which will provide them all kind of information associated with one person because. The personally identifiable information found on these websites is what allows them to commit mass fraud by using other people’s identity.


Education has become a stellar target for cyber attackers. According to one security institution, 15% of all recorded security breaches have occurred at an educational facility. The attacks have been on the rise since a long time which is why web security for students is one of the foremost steps. School’s face issues that are very different from any other institutions which is why they require a very different set of system and tailor made for them. Students don’t tend to understand the security threats that are present on the internet and are more likely to use unsecured networks, download infected files, or expose devices to malware.

To prevent schools and the entire education system from the increasingly difficult situation of security precautionary measures need to be taken!

What are the best ways to stay safe?

Keeping yourself safe may seem like a very difficult job but it only involves some steps that need to be taken.

  • Step 1: Maintain strong passwords and frequently change them. The most basic step towards maintaining a safe online experience is this. Surprisingly enough a recent survey revealed that the majority of the population resorted to using 123456 as their password, the easiest for a hacker to guess! While making passwords use numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters and most importantly do not use your personal information in passwords.
  • Step 2: Use Antivirus Software, these are perfectly designed to make your online experience hassle free. They will protect you from unhealthy and malicious malwares and warn you continuously if something is wrong. There is a variety of free versions available online for easy download.
  • Step 3: Update regularly, won’t be enough to just download an anti-virus software. Keep it up to date so that it can combat the ever evolving malwares online.
  • Step 4: avoid connecting to free public networks. Many of these are the sources of threats.

Know what poses a threat to you

The most common source of threat are the Flash Sites. They use cookies that are small bits of data to track your location. They are easily attacked by malware thus leaving you in a vulnerable position. Then come the very famous these days “Shortened URL’s”. They are usually found on twitter and Facebook and promise some very juicy gossip leading to may clicks. The only problem; these are actively being used to disguise malicious websites. Furthermore public Wi-Fi and email is also not safe anymore.

The problems may be never ending but there is always a solution that has been concluded by the human race. Maintaining the security of students on web and networks is a fundamental obligation of schools now a days. NuEDUSEC is a cloud-based platform providing protection to students at school, in the classroom and even at home while also providing a trouble-free Internet experience in your school network. Their services include a variety of ways to securely manage your networks and students web.