Importance of Teaching Computer Technology in the Classroom

During the 20th century, oil was deemed as the most important resource. Today, information has become a lot more valuable. In the era of computers, people need to know how to properly use technology and information as this is the future of the world. This is why teaching computer technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important.

Teaching Computer Technology in The Classroom

What are the Reasons for Teaching Computer Technology in the Classroom?

There is no single reason why teaching computer technology in the classroom is important. Below, we break down some of the more important aspects why kids need to learn how to use computers and technology at an early age.

Keep Up Evolving Technologies.

Technology has evolved a lot of industries and education is one of them. More and more teachers are adapting computers and other technologies in their lessons. This makes it easier for them to teach and for students to digest the material. Knowing how to operate and use computers has become important so that students can keep up with learning.

That in mind, they will also use computer literacy once they go off and work. Almost everything nowadays make use of a computer. From marketing departments to payroll; from procurement to sales; from manufacturing to retail; almost any type of job requires a computer. Those who are not familiar with technology would automatically be at a disadvantage. 

In order to keep up with evolving times, teaching computer technology in the classroom has become key for students.

Deciphering Real and Fake News

One of the most talked about consequence of technology is the rise in fake news. Before the internet, the main source for current events are newspapers and newscasts on television. While they are somewhat up-to-date, they are still set in predetermined time slots. Technology has made it easy for delivering the latest news and updates. A major event that happened 2 minutes ago will instantly be online.

However, people with malicious intent use this eagerness to spread lies and fake news stories all over the internet which can be harmful. Knowing how to decipher real from fake should be part of teaching computer technology in the classroom.

One way to do it is to show students real and doctored images. This trains them to spot signs of fake imagery. They should also be taught how to fact check and how to find credible sources of news.

A simple example of the consequence of fake news for students is when a fake news story about classes being cancelled the next day circulates. Students who instantly believe this would be absent from class. If they knew how to spot real from fake, they wouldn’t fall victim to it.

Securing Personal Information

One of the biggest dangers of the internet today are hackers. They try to steal people’s information so they can use it to make money to their detriment. Teaching computer technology in the classroom can help avoid these cases.

Students should be taught how to keep their information safe by:

  1. Using strong passwords when creating online accounts such as email and social media profiles.
  2. Make use of security features from these services such as 2-step authentication.
  3. Teach kids not to share personal information on their public profiles.
  4. Teach them not to share personal information to anyone online.
  5. Read privacy policies and of the services they use online.
  6. Follow the rules and regulations of services and apps that they use online.
  7. Teach them how to spot spam or fake emails.

There are many ways to keep oneself safe on the internet. Teaching computer technology in the classroom is one of the best ways to start with security. But, there is more that schools can do in order to ensure the safety and security of children. They can also use software such as NuEDUSEC. This is an online platform that creates a safe space for students and teachers to go online while in school. To learn more about how NuEDUSEC can help your academic institution, send us a message today and get your demo.