5 Teacher Student App for Classroom Collaboration

Collaboration is important in any classroom. In real life, humans have achieved great things when working together. And this should start in the classroom. Learning to work well with others is an essential life skill for any person which can eventually lead to their success. This is especially true in the 21st century. Good thing there are 21st century solutions as well which can help teachers in forging good collaboration between students through a good teacher student app.

Teacher Student App

Technology has provided society with a quick and easy way to communicate and collaborate based on the internet. Teachers can take advantage of this with the use of the right software or app which they can install on their computers, mobile smartphones, and/or tablet computers. With that, here are a few apps to consider in fostering collaboration between students.


Gamification is fast becoming a key component of any classroom and Kahoot is one of the best in terms of providing educators with a game-based learning app. It is an easy and engaging way to test the knowledge of students. And since it is packaged in a game, it does not come with the usual stress of a test paper. Students become more active and even excited to take part in the test through this student teacher app.

Students are even given a “quiz-maker” function on Kahoot. This encourages them to create their own quizzes which they can then share with their classmates and friends. This creates a natural progression in learning key materials for them.

Google Apps for Education

Probably the most popular teacher student app when it comes to the classroom is Google Apps for Education. It provides both students and teachers a platform to use document creators, spreadsheets, and presentations. On top of that, it can actually be shared as well and they can all collaborate on a single file. This is useful for creating research papers and classroom presentations.


On top of that, all files are automatically saved and stored on the cloud so the hard work of students are not lost easily. They can even switch from one device to another and access the same document to continue working on it. And if at any time a student is added or dropped from the project, access is easily manageable by the document owners.



Mind Maps are a great way to organize thoughts and musings in a visual manner. This is especially helpful for people who work best when they are able to visualize the problem and the solution. MindMeister is an online-based teacher student app which can be used by several people at the same time to work on a single mind map.

During the start of a project, students can create a mind map on this tool and start brainstorming. They can refer to this throughout the course of the project so that they can incorporate the ideas they like. It is very helpful in documenting the brainstorming session of a project from beginning to conclusion.


Teaching kids to collaborate also entails helping them become comfortable to express themselves. It isn’t easy for people to stand up in front of others and present their idea. FlipGrid is a teacher student app which can help students with that.

FlipGrid is designed as an online collaboration tool for communities. A student can post a question which is called a grid. Others can respond to the question through videos. Essentially, those who answer become talking heads in order to provide their idea or answer to the question.

This trains students to be comfortable with how they speak and present themselves. At the same time, this has become a valuable tool for them to ask questions and collaborate with others.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts and other online messengers are very important when it comes to classroom collaboration. In previous years, students can only work together on a project when they are together; which is while they are in school for the most part. But with the advent of online communication student teacher app, they can now collaborate on a project wherever they are.

Google Hangouts allow students to create group message threads so they can chat at the same time. They can also use this in order to do video conferences for easier collaboration while they are working in their homes. This is an app that should be in any student’s device.