Teacher App

Teacher App – For effective classroom management

Digital devices have changed the way people communicate and interact. Information is literally fingertips away from anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, or computer that is connected to the internet. It has changed the way people work, have fun, and keep track of their families and friends. And of course, it has also changed the way teachers and students interact with each other.

A good teacher app can help faculty members in increasing productivity with their classes. It provides the opportunity to teach more and manage less. In other words, they can focus more on the actual task at hand rather than having to police student devices every now and then.

Teacher App

Features of a Teacher App

There can be many features for a teacher app. All of these are designed to help manage the workload of the faculty member as well as the students. At the same time, these features can also help ensure the safety of the students. Some examples of features can include:

  1. Screen viewer - this provides the teacher a way to check on what their students are working on in real time. It includes what tabs are opened on their device so they can ensure productivity.
  2. Timeline of activities - this feature is essentially a history of the student’s open tabs and browsing history from a single page. This can provide teachers certain patterns of their students which they can use to help them learn better.
  3. Access management - this is a very helpful tool in certain situations. It allows the facilitator to allow or disallow access to certain sites and apps for a duration of time. This is useful during exams or class periods to maximize learning while minimizing the distractions in the classroom.
  4. Tab control - a teacher app should be able to guide students accordingly. Tab control allow for just that. Teachers would be able to show exactly what content is needed for the current situation or lesson.
  5. Lock screen - a feature that temporarily locks the screen of one or more device. This is perfect for certain periods wherein absolute attention is necessary to what the teacher is demonstrating.
  6. Chat - and of course, the ability to directly communicate with each student individually or as a group. This is an effective means of communication to allow everyone to be on the same page.


Overall, a teacher app creates a digital environment that is focused on learning. It has the features and functionalities to make things easier and more seamless than before, thus maximizing the learning a student can achieve. 

At the same time, it allows teachers to monitor each student. It is commonly known that people learn at different paces and using different methods. The right app would allow the teacher to monitor the different students in a class and take appropriate action based on these monitors.

Teacher App Security Features

And of course, safety is always a concern in schools. This is why a teacher app can help ensure student safety and privacy by disallowing certain websites or apps on a device and streamlining communication between teachers and students.

Every classroom on any learning campus can benefit with a powerful and customized teacher app on hand. It allows for efficient, effective, and secure learning. At NuEDUSEC, we aim to provide exactly that. We can create a digital learning environment for your school. Click here to learn more about how we can help you.