Benefits of filtering web for students

For many people teaching is a very easy job with a lot of involved in it. The co-curricular activities and teaching funny and cute kids is a lot of fun sometimes. But not all parts of the job are fun. It would be sad for anyone to become the bad guy for kids but ever job demands some crucial and criticized steps to be taken to ensure the safety of others. Part of being a teacher or an administrator in a school involves ensuring the students safety. This safety, is now extended to the online experience of the students due to its wide spread use in every aspect of education.

The World Wide Web is made for the use of everyone who wants to search anything but students cannot be allowed the same kind of freedom at such a tender age. In this tech savvy world it is very important for schools to prevent students from peer-to-peer file sharing, illegal music downloads, adult content, or any other inappropriate material. The solution to all this for schools seems to be internet filtering. Moreover the schools are legally bound to do this by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) passed in 1999. It requires schools qualifying for federal E-rate funding to use filtering technology to block access to materials that are "obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors." Today the use of internet has increased so much that most of everyone’s time is spent online. It is thus imperative today to make sure that the future of our nation is protected. The biggest advantage of filtering web for students would be preventing them from accessing any harmful or inappropriate materials.

Students Web


Here are some of the most crucial benefits of web filtering for students.

  1. Safe and Secure Surfing
    Web filtering in a school guarantees a protected and secure web surfing experience. When the school administration executes a severe web strategy, it keep students from getting to content which is unseemly for that age group. Blocking such substance gives instructors the certainty that their students can utilize web without experiencing any destructive substance.
  2. Enhanced Liability Prevention
    As the schools are liable to follow rules set out by CIPA thus following these rules and ensuring web filtering would make the school compliant to the law of the land. Consequently preventing any liability that may arise if any students indulge in any illegal activity.
  3. E-rated Funding
    Following the rules of CIPA is not only beneficial for the students but also for the school itself. The schools that have implemented web filters, i.e. the schools qualify as e-rated schools get discounted communication technologies from federal authorities. However if a schools fails to do so they will not receive an e-rated funding.
  4. Improved Network Protection
    Filtering and blocking websites that are likely to distribute malicious software reduces the chances of a virus attack. The personal information teachers and students both is well protected.
  5. Chats rooms
    The breeding grounds for many problems are these chat rooms. Many students often end up here after making new friends in games like Fortnite and PUBG. Internet filtering will block such places easily.
  6. Scalable URL Databases
    Web Pages are check through a series of steps against a database of URL’s, of which some can be added to whitelists to take precedence over the filter. This way excessive blocking won’t occur and students would not be prevented from accessing useful data.
  7. Productivity
    Students will be highly efficient and productive while working because anything that may possibly distract them from doing their work would be blocked. So all of their energies are focused on their research and studies.

Every educational institute is keen to achieve all of these benefits of web filtering but it is a very complex and time consuming job to ensue effective web filtering. Many schools are not able to do so effectively because they use mass blockers which also block useful data and reduce the searching capacity on their computers. A recent study found out that Web sifting programming in schools likewise blocked numerous different sites which didn't contain any hurtful or wrong substance. A similar report found that numerous sites identified with state educational program were likewise hindered by these web channels. This severe over-blocking limit Web access for understudies and educators also. For some students they may feel like this is a violation of their privacy and autonomy but there is one organization that ensures that this web filtering takes place without effecting any student’s autonomy. NuEDUSEC is a cloud based platform providing protection to students at school, in the classroom and even at home while also providing a trouble-free Internet experience in your school network. They specialize in easing CIPA compliance and providing campus Internet security with minimal cost compared to traditional on premise solutions. They offer many other solutions to schools management to ease their workability.