Students Using Technology

Unique Benefits of Students Using Technology

Done are the times where classrooms consist of only a chalkboard and chalk for teachers while students had pen and paper. Gone are the times where students need to take down countless words of notes and highlight books. Today is the age of students using technology in order to assist and improve their learning.

As technology improves, more and more opportunities grow for students to learn in ways like never before. Here are several unique benefits of technology in the classroom.

Students using Technology

Access to Information

Being online means students using technology have a library at their fingertips at all times. A quick Google search can provide them with information and answers that they need right at that moment. Researching that paper has never been easier.

At the same time, classroom forums and social media provide a stream of information that can be useful to the student. They can easily have access to school announcements. Teachers can even communicate lessons and other school-related messages through technology.

Technology Promotes Self-Learning

Because students have access to a wealth of information, it actually promotes them to self-learn. This is especially true if they are engaged with the subject matter. With a laptop, a tablet computer, or a smartphone, the student is essentially empowered to to learn and guide themselves through all this information. This turns them from passive listeners to active participants in their own education. They can choose which information to digest.

To some extent, students using technology are able to build their own path to what they want to learn. This is a lot more effective because they lean towards something they are interested in. And if they are interested in the subject matter, their learning improves ten-fold.

Gamified Learning

One of the most popular examples of students using technology in the classroom is gamified learning. In the past, a teacher delivers a lesson then provides a quiz in order to gauge the level of his/her student’s understanding of the subject. It got the job done but there’s so many things that can be improved upon that system; this is where gamified learning comes in.

Gamified learning is simple really. It takes a subject matter and turns that into a game so that students can learn on a positive note. A good example here is a typing game where in order to advance their character through a predefined stage, the student will have to type words correctly. This helps them in memorizing the keyboard and using it efficiently. 

Essentially, exams can now be provided in the form of a game. It helps teachers gauge the understanding of the students while the students actually have fun doing so.

Over the years, gamified learning has proven to be a very effective tool in the classroom. Students using technology actually look forward to taking exams. 

Technology Improves Collaboration

One of the most effective uses of technology is in collaboration. Take for example a group project. In the past, students were able to work on a project together in school. They can also set a time and date where they can meet up outside school premises such as in one of their homes. But today, with students using technology, they can collaborate all the time.

Software such as messaging apps and group video calls allow students to communicate and share ideas about their project at all times. Document sharing and collaboration apps allow them to work on a single file so that all their ideas are incorporated, assessed, and decided upon in real-time.

These technologies can help students learn how to work well with each other both in school and out of it.

Technology has come a long way from the humble chalk to the powerful smartphone. This has opened the doors for opportunities to improve focus and learning. However, this has also opened the door to certain risks and vulnerabilities, especially for students using technology. This is why it is important for schools and academic institutions to set in place monitors and other measures to ensure their safety while on the internet. This is where NuEDUSEC comes in. We provide a safe and secure space for students to go online, learn, and be safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.