Student Startup Page

Student Startup Page – Benefits

In most cases, opening a web browser will direct to a blank page or the previously closed pages. Now this is useful for personal use or for work. However, when it comes to school internet connections, a student startup page is more ideal.

What is a Student Startup Page?

Students need a lot of resources. From researching to ways to keep track with their requirements for each subject. From communicating with their professors to communicating with their peers. All of these can be done online but with everything that they already need to memorize, they will not be able to remember all of these online tools. 

Student Startup Page

A student startup page aims to resolve this problem.

The concept is quite simple. When a student is connected to the institution’s network and opens up any browser, it will open a page specifically designed to provide students with most, if not all, the links to the resources that they need. This can include:

  • Link to email
  • Online office tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Student handbook
  • School calendar
  • And many more

The sky's the limit when it comes to the startup page. Facilitators can include anything and everything the student may need. Specific subjects may have their own online tools which can be uploaded here. Communication tools, logins, and everything a student may need can be found here.

It is essentially a quick access page. A menu of all apps and programs of the institution. This can be very helpful as it helps in organizing everything a student will need.

Other Benefits of a Student Startup Page


Quick access and organization are the main key points of using a custom startup page designed for students. But there are other benefits as well. 

On top of that, since this is the first thing students will open when they use their laptops, a student startup page is also the ideal place for announcements, news, and other important reminders. This is to ensure that all students are up to date with the right information that they may need for their studies.

It also helps keep students focused on their tasks at hand. It eliminates the distractions of having default startup pages that contain news and events unrelated to school activities such as international sports, gossip, and other things of that nature.

Safety and security are also helped by using a student startup page. By using the quick access links, students are ensured that they are visiting only the authorized and legitimate tools of the institution. This avoids accidentally visiting unsafe websites designed to infiltrate the personal information of students.

And when it comes to security, you can never go overboard with it. Using a startup page is a good start to ensure that the students visit only approved websites, but you can do a lot more in order to facilitate this.

Going Beyond the Student Startup Page

In ensuring the safety and security of students, facilitators need granular control over the school environment. They need to have on and off-campus filtering of apps and websites. At the same time, they also need individual student settings for maximum flexibility and provide exactly what each student needs. This is what NuEDUSEC has to offer.

NuEDUSEC is a complete online safety platform for students that also helps facilitators in delivering trouble-free internet experience when it comes to the institution’s network. It is flexible, customizable, and has all the tools necessary for efficient learning and online privacy.

If you want to learn more about how NuEDUSEC can help your school, contact us today by visiting this link. You can try for free first and experience the difference that our platform can provide your institution.