As a student your major concern is how your information can stay private. You won’t like to be spied by someone in particular or by your own internet service provider. Additionally, you want safety from potential threats like hacking, malware or stealing of data.

Well, don’t be worried about it anymore, “Student Secure Web” (SSW) is the practice used exactly for such risks. “Secure web” is commonly used by many websites to secure their data. Think of it as automatic encryption where links start from https:// instead of usual http:// . Here only your domain and sub domain of URL will be visible while the rest of your URL and information is going to be encrypted (hidden). Don’t be worried about “man-in-the-middle”!

The SSW follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects personally identifiable information (PII) from student’s education records from unauthorized disclosure.

Student Secure Web


Let’s see how it can help you as a student:

  • Only You Get To See Your Result
    Think of it as postal service. The person who sends you the letter hands it over to the postal service and in between that letter is handed over to many people till it finally reaches you. But during this transaction no one is allowed to see what’s inside it except you. So, SSW does the same thing for you, as your teacher will post your marks or result it will be encrypted and only you will be able to decrypt it by logging in. Hence, your data will be completely secure for you to see only.
  • Authentication Security
    You can easily be tricked into a scam of identity theft. Exact replica of your student portal site can be made and your confidential information like your password can be acquired by someone. SSW will have padlock logo along with its link which will guarantee the authenticity of website.
  • Uninterrupted Submissions
    You don’t have to worry about crash down of your browser while you are making important submission over at your SSW. As Google has sent proposal to all web browsers to implement the secure website policy, so many non secure websites crash or won’t load at times. So with SSW be relieved and relax!
  • Data Backed Up
    Apart from security the secure website feature in SSW also allows to have more backup than unsecure website. So don’t be worried if you have missed some announcement from 20 days ago. Additionally, with extra storage space you can just look anything up and you’ll be able to find it quite easily!
  • Extra Speed
    Additional feature in SSW sites known as Content Delivery Network (CDN) will enable to you to move around the website faster than the usual pace. It will make you less panicked when you have report to submit or important announcement to see.
  • Safe Quiz
    Many SSW uses the student portals for real time quizzes. It allows you to give your quiz within set time without being tampered or influenced by unknown sources. The session stats are recorded which are further used to improve your experience. It is to be noted that only activities such as idle time and related are recorded which has nothing to do with individual student record or private usage.
  • Malware Safety
    You as a student can’t risk having any kind of malware or ransomware in your system as you may have some data which can’t be replaced back. SSW ensures you that there is no such malware which can infect you system.
  • Ad Free
    Don’t be worried about different click baits and ads popping up your screen to disrupt your time browsing the important lecture files. SSW makes sure that no third party service enters the website while you are using it. Delivering you ease and focus.
  • Session Expiration
    A key functionality of SSW is that it will log you out after few minutes of unresponsiveness. It includes not moving of cursor. This is a major up gradate as many of the students forget to log out of the system after usage but this feature will make sure if there is no usage for couple of minutes it will automatically log you out of the profile and to log back again you have to put in your confidential details again.

It is rightly said that “Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.” SSW not only helps to secure the website but it also opens the door for flawless service. In this modern age and time, It is necessary to have secure website because there are series of new viruses which can attack your system as well as new hacking techniques which can break into your profile. But with SSW your data and information will be up to date and you can feel safe.