Letter to Parents from Teacher Template

Below is a template for a letter to parents from teacher that a school or district can use as a basis for an approved and official letter.

Directions on how to use this template:

We realize that your school or district needs to be honest and transparent with families regarding the use of online services within the classroom. It is our goal that this template is able to help as a useful starting point to achieve this goal. Please feel free to change, edit, and tailor this letter as needed to facilitate better communication on how the school or district will use online services in the classroom. We’ve marked items that can be adjusted, edited, or removed with yellow highlight while we’ve used blue highlight for instances where you need to input the school or district’s name.

Letter to Parents from Teacher

In addition to the above, please ensure to edit the letter in order to adhere to specific rules, laws, and guidelines of your school or district. Please add any filtering and settings information about the online service that you chose to use for the benefit of the recipient.

Template starts below:

You may insert your school or district logo here

Dear parent or guardian,

School name would like to inform you that we are using Chromebooks in the classroom. In order to increase and help us ensure the safety of the children, we would be using an online service provider called NuEDUSEC.

This is an online safety tool for students which is being used in different schools and districts already.

How we use NuEDUSEC:

We’ve chosen the services of NuEDUSEC Admin in order to do the following:

  1. Help in protecting students from harmful and inappropriate material on the internet.
  2. Help students focus on learning.
  3. Assess student progress in class assignments.
  4. Help in facilitating communication for teachers and students during class.


When and How will NuEDUSEC Function:

NuEDUSEC operates within the school’s managed G Suite for Education Chrome accounts. This is accessed by students when they logon using their school credentials.

School name aims to help protect all children in the school during _____. **Note: It is important to explain thoroughly the settings applied using NuEDUSEC and why they have been chosen.

What are the Responsibilities of the School:

We at School name selected NuEDUSEC in order to keep the students safer and more scholarly while they are online. We will continue working with each student to help them understand the importance of keeping safe in the digital landscape and how to do so. At the same time, we will also train our teachers and staff in understanding how NuEDUSEC can be used to further protect the children.

What are the Responsibilities of Parent/Guardian and Students:

We request our students to make use of school-managed accounts and devices for the purpose of education within the limits of our agreements and Technology Acceptable Use Agreement.

While off-campus, it is expected that parents and guardians are responsible for providing proper guidance and supervision on internet access and use. We encourage you to discuss appropriate internet use with the child while reinforcing lessons on proper digital citizenry. Also, it is best to report any potential cyberbullying or other sensitive issues to us.

How does NuEDUSEC Protect Children’s Privacy:

NuEDUSEC collects personally identifiable data from users in order to help keep the child safe and remain scholarly online. The tool has been checked and on by the leading privacy experts and also participates in privacy organizations.

For a more detailed explanation on how NuEDUSEC keeps private information secure, you may visit their website here

We are here to answer any other questions you may have.


[Insert Principal/Superintendent Name/Other Administrator Name]

[insert school/district name]