A Review of the Best DLP Software

Cybersecurity should be a crucial aspect of any business. Organizations leverage data to make critical management decisions. To streamline operations, this data should be safeguarded against leaks or loss. Indeed, it can be a significant loss for a business to accidentally or maliciously lose its data. Although it’s essential to back up your data, protecting the data from getting compromised or lost in the first place should be a priority.

DLP Software

How DPL Software Works

DPL software is a program designed to prevent data loss. It does so by limiting the flow of sensitive data within and outside your organization’s networks. The software works by analyzing your data, thus enabling you to identify what’s confidential yet vulnerable. This way, you will be able to take appropriate action based on the rules that you’ve configured. Some of the DLP software that you will come across feature preset regulations. These are meant to give you a head start in your quest to secure your data from loss.

Typically, DPL software works by undertaking communication behavior analysis, network traffic monitoring, user activity monitoring, and the protection of sensitive data from the backup software that you might be using. The most significant benefit of DPL programs is that they display your network’s monitoring information on one console, which is centrally managed.

With DPL software in place, it will be easy for you to identify sensitive data that your company shouldn’t be sharing with other parties. To achieve this, various AI and machine learning mechanisms come into play to prevent potential data breaches or loss. Data classification and analysis can be automatically employed for any form of data threat protection.

If your company directly deals with customers, chances are that it collects, handles, and stores tons of data about them. This includes their credit card information, residential address, and Social Security numbers. DLP software is necessary for such a situation because it prevents such sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Besides, the software helps you comply with data privacy regulations.

A DPL software can help you monitor and manage all aspects of your network, including cloud data, internet sharing, USB storage, instant messaging, source code, and network sharing. Here are some DPL solutions that you should consider using.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

This DPL tool combines data controls with user activity tracking. It helps you monitor data held on desktops, mobile devices, in cloud storage, and servers. Upon installation, an initial sweep will help you pinpoint all locations containing sensitive data. You can move the data to a more secure central repository. With this DPL tool, you also receive workflows and templates for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards.

MacAfee Total DPL

This is an all-inclusive DPL software that focuses on forensic analysis. The software offers great scalability, thus allowing you to customize it to your organization’s needs. Besides, the software reports what data could have been leaked so that you can take appropriate measures.

Arguably, the most exciting feature about MacAfee Total DPL is its engine of identification and prioritization of sensitive data. On the flip side, however, this DPL tool is complex to install and manage. Also, MacAfee doesn’t offer a free trial.

Clearswift Adaptive DLP

Sometimes, you need a DPL tool that is availed in a suite to cover all the functions that relate to data loss. Clearswift Adaptive DLP is one such product. This DPL solution comes in a package of seven products that replace all the security software that you could be using.

To secure your data against loss, Adaptive DPL protects your files from unauthorized actions such as copying. It also keeps file ownership traceable by using a fingerprinting feature. Besides, Adaptive DPL filters out any malicious code that may try to enter your network. It also flags unauthorized activities by malicious insiders and intruders.

Code 42

Events such as employee departure, insider data leaks, and mergers and acquisitions can lead to massive data loss. Code 42 is a DPL software designed to help you avert data loss surprises that could arise from such events. It delivers fast and simple data loss detection and response. The software automatically monitors all file activities across all computers and other user devices within your network and cloud. Likewise, it detects and reports the unusual use of web browsers, USB, and cloud services. Such unusual activities get reported quickly to that you can investigate and respond to them before they cause any damage.

To prevent data loss, leverage the benefits offered by DLP software as well as expert advice from NuEduSEC’s cybersecurity professionals.