Cyberbullying Activities for Students

4 Ways to Protect from Cyberbullying Activities for Students

The internet has provided people with an expansive space to connect, contact, and communicate with one another. Information is easily shared and disseminated. It has also become very easy to see what type of content a certain person is interested in. Basically, the internet today has provided people with the ability to have their personal profiles online. While this has many benefits, it has also led to some serious social problems such as cyberbullying activities for students.

Cyberbullying Activities for Students

Bullying has always been an issue in any school. Whether it’s physical or emotional, bullying can lead to child trauma and repressed learning. This is a serious issue that schools have been trying to resolve. With the advent of new technologies, new forms of bullying have sprouted. Today, kids can bully others online through different means such as public shaming and trolling. Over the years, this has become a huge problem all over the country.

Educators, teachers, and administrators all want to protect kids from cyberbullying activities for students. And here are 4 ways to help with that.

Create Awareness

One of the most powerful things teachers can do in order to protect kids from cyberbullying is to create awareness. This comes in different forms.

First, it is the awareness that cyberbullying activities for students can be harmful to others. More often than not, those people who commit cyberbullying are not really aware that they are causing harm. For them it is a joke that they all can laugh at. They do not know that they are actually causing pain. By providing awareness, their eyes may open and stop this type of activity immediately.

Second, awareness for victims. What this means is that they should be aware that what bullying is wrong and that there is something they can do about it which is to tell an adult about the situation. They should be aware and feel comfortable discussing cyberbullying to their teachers or at least their parents so that they can step in and create a proper resolution.


Teaching about Inclusivity

One of the main causes of cyberbullying or bullying in general is because someone is seen as different. This can be due to race, beliefs, or appearance. This can be remedied by creating a classroom with a culture of inclusion. Condition students to treat each other with respect and admiration. Ensure that good behavior is rewarded and encouraged. This can greatly prevent cyberbullying activities for students.

Providing Diverse Content

Another great way to combat cyberbullying activities for students is to include diverse content and ideas in the curriculum. Encourage a variety of options during discussions which can include language, cultural contexts, and even imagery that promotes diversity. If the materials can show that everyone is equal, then kids would treat each other equally as opposed to having one dominant culture.

Use Technology

Cyberbullying developed from technology and in response, technology has made it possible for parents and teachers to be alerted on cyberbullying activities for students. What happens here is that the school network is constantly monitored by applications and it creates warnings or alerts based on certain patterns in public forums that pertain to cyberbullying. This type of monitoring can help early detection and immediate prevention of cyberbullying.

The use of technology is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to combat bullying online, It is safe, efficient, and effective in treating problems at an early stage. And platforms like NuEDUSEC can help with this and more.

NuEDUSEC provides a digital platform for academic institutions to help create a safe digital space for students to learn and grow. It protects them from cyberbullying activities from students, people with malicious intent, harmful content, and other applications that they should not access. To find out more about how NuEDUSEC can help your school, contact us today.