Cloud Office: The Cloud Standard in the Modern Workplace

In recent years, there has been an incredible uptake in the adoption of cloud-based computing solutions at the workplace. Cloud office solutions have transformed the way organizations address questions relating to logistics, marketing, and growth. Thanks to these cloud-based productivity solutions, it’s easier for teams to handle various tasks at the workplace, thus boosting long-term outcomes.

Cloud office is a suite of SaaS and communication tools such as email and file sharing. The combination not only helps reduce business costs but also allows you to work anytime and from any place. Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are some of the most popular cloud office suites. Here’s how your business will benefit from cloud migration.

Cloud Office

Increased Collaboration Opportunities

Businesses across all industries operate in dynamic environments, which require them to collaborate for operational efficiency continually. Business leaders should actively seek out collaborative opportunities that allow them to optimize workplace efficiency. Cloud Office suite presents you with dozens of ways to collaborate.

By storing your content in centralized, cloud-based repositories, records and documents can be easily accessed and edited anytime you want. Similarly, multiple users can access the files and records concurrently. Cloud-based apps such as Office 365 allow several users to collaborate, work, and communicate in real-time, irrespective of their location or device.

Unlimited Storage

Arguably, one of the most significant benefits that are on offer when using cloud office is the fact that it offers secure and unlimited storage space for all your files. Most suites that you will come across provide storage space based on the number of users that you have. More users translate to more storage space.

Office 365, for instance, provides individual users with a whopping 1TB of storage space through its OneDrive for Business feature. Storage space can be further increased to 5TB. Likewise, Google G Suite provides each user with 30GB of storage space as standard.

All-Inclusive Meeting Solutions

Communication is essential in every organization, regardless of how small or big it is. Effective communication improves-decision making besides helping you to optimize operations. Cloud Office solutions come with applications such as Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams that enable you to effortlessly initiate and maintain conversations, as well as plan for real-time meetings. These cloud office functionalities can be combined with various content tools to make your meetings more engaging.

Information Security

Hardly does a day pass without hearing news about data breaches. Therefore, organizations need to safeguard their data by all means possible. Office cloud suites allow you to manage security conveniently. The security capabilities of the cloud are second to none. Therefore, you should take advantage of it to secure your data.

Cloud-based office solutions like Office 365 come with top-notch security features such as IRM, DLP, e-discovery, legal holds, encryption, two-factor authentication, and email-governance. These features are embedded in primary cloud office applications.

You can leverage them to secure your files. In today’s tech-savvy world, the easiest way of securing your devices and computer systems is by controlling them outside your company’s network. Thanks to the cloud, secure solutions can easily be deployed and configured for optimum data security.

Mobile App Support

More people are using mobile gadgets than at any other time. As a result, users are increasingly demanding access to mobile-friendly productivity tools. This way, they can work remotely from wherever they are. Cloud office suites are designed to meet this demand. They come with optimized mobile apps that are custom-built to provide continuous working experiences.


There are so many regulations, which businesses need to comply with. You should ensure that your company complies with both industry standards as well as its standards. Cloud office solutions offer numerous benefits, including automatic backups, centralized document management, archiving, granular permissions, and versioning. These are some of the parameters that are used by industry regulators to gauge your compliance stance. Implementing cloud-based office solutions is a step in the right direction as far as compliance is concerned.

Business Continuity

Research indicates that 50% of businesses fail to recover in the aftermath of a major disaster. Similarly, there has been a sharp increase in the number of phishing and ransomware attacks across all industries. You need to ask yourself whether your infrastructure and data are safe in case a disaster occurs.

Besides, you need a remote data backup system that will help you to recover. Cloud office suites allow you to restore your organization’s data, thus ensuring fast business recovery.

Even after migrating to a new cloud office suite, you need to secure it from cybercriminals. At NuEduSEC, we have tailored our cloud solutions to meet the needs of Cloud Office suites. Our high-end solutions are compatible with both G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.