Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools and Innovative Teaching Tools for Teachers and Students

Why Classrooms Tools and Innovative Teaching Tools for Teachers are an Essential Part of Learning?

The use of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices has become widespread; all students own at least one form of digital gadgetry. Students of the current and upcoming generations have full access to technology and learn faster using classroom tools. Teachers can use this to their advantage and take it as an opportunity to incorporate technology with education using innovative teaching tools. All schools are equipped with an internet connection, and all students are equipped with a digital device, so why not use this to our advantage and make learning a whole new experience with the help of classroom tools and innovative teaching tools. Classroom tools for teachers prove to be very helpful in imparting knowledge.

Classroom Tools

Usually, a classroom looks like this: students sitting blankly, eyes glued to their screens, while the teacher fights for their attention towards what's being taught. A modified scenario can look like this: students sitting with their smartphones linked to classroom tools, scrolling through a presentation, or a quiz or an assessment programmed by the teacher using innovative teaching tools. Therefore, the teacher now has the power with classroom tools and innovative teaching tools to transform what seemed to be a nuisance (smartphones) into something that positively affects a child's education and learning capacity. Classroom tools for teachers are one of the best assets of the internet.

Classroom Tools for Teachers:

Following is a list of digital tools and list of classroom tools that can be used by teachers for collaborative learning:


  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is one the best classroom tools for teachers that provides an array of topics to choose and learn from. All classroom tools for teachers available on Khan Academy are free and in the form of videos and interactive sessions. Such innovative teaching tools are easy to use and accessible to all. Khan Academy classroom tools is present in the list of digital tools because they are a source of knowledge for all types of students and provide extra help to students who lag in certain subjects.
  • Google Classroom:
    Google Classroom has innovative teaching tools designed to simulate an actual classroom where students can openly ask the teachers questions, and teachers can answer their students. Teachers can also post exciting quizzes and study guides and study materials on these classroom tools to review at home. Google Classroom can concurrently be used with other Google Applications like Google forms. It is an excellent classroom tool for teachers and hence is present in the list of digital tools. Google classroom is an innovative teaching tool that is effectively used on Chromebooks.
  • Animoto:
    Students can use Animoto classroom tools for a variety of projects. They can make short videos and summarize what they learned; teachers can also keep track of what the student learned. These classroom tools can also be used to make videos on different topics, helping students explore their creativity and imagination. Animoto class tools are very fun and helpful to use. Animations are innovative teaching tools that stimulate interest in students.
  • Prezi:
    Prezi is a game-changer in the world of innovative teaching tools. The cloud-based presentation software is easy to learn and use, making it a perfect classroom tool for teachers. These top-rated classroom tools for teachers allow the user to zoom in and out and move side to side across the presentation, allowing the user to deliver the topic in detail and effectively. Versatile classroom tools bring versatility in teaching ways. Versatility is needed for innovative teaching tools.
  • Quizlet/Quizlet Live:
    Students learn and retain more knowledge with visual techniques like flashcards, diagrams, and graphs, and Quizlet is one of best classroom tools for that. From languages to math to history to art, all materials are available using these innovative teaching tools. Learning is in the form of games, and every victory is equal to knowledge earned. Teachers use Quizlet as an innovative teaching tool to teach in the form of games.
  • Scratch:
    Scratch classroom tools and innovative teaching tools help students explore their hidden talents and inner creativity by letting them design their own stories, videos, animations, etc. that can be shared online as well. Creativity is an asset in classroom tools for teachers.
  • Socrative:
    Teachers can make any form of quizzes on this software, ranging from multiple-choice questions to true or false to short essays. Teachers can "gauge student understanding in real time” leading to efficient teaching and efficient learning.
  • Sparkpost:
    Use Sparkpost to make learning for students illustrative, engaging, and colorful. With Sparkpost, teachers can add graphics and images to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.
  • Padlet:
    Padlet is a "digital pinboard" that allows both students and teachers to participate collectively by "pinning" different images, text notes, videos, links to websites, and more. In this way, all the members can give their ideas and opinions, transforming education into a type of interactive activity.
  • saw:
    Seesaw connects students, teachers, and parents to assist the child in attaining knowledge. Students can record and review everything that they are learning in the form of a portfolio. Parents and teachers can also have access to the portfolio, together motivating the child to work better.

Conclusion to using classroom tools:

Classroom tools are innovative teaching tools in education. There is an endless list of digital tools to achieve excellent education. Now that technology is embedded in our education, we need extra security to counter malicious internet activity. NuEduSec can provide with the excellent security in the form of filters, alerts and much more. NuEduSec can enhance the learning experience with innovative teaching tools.