Chromebooks in the Classroom

Chromebooks in the Classroom: for the Good or the Bad?

The present time is the most advanced time we have ever lived it. To cope and succeed, we need to befriend technology. Chromebooks in the classroom are devices that have changed the ways of teaching, yet maintained the true essence of education. Education means to flourish mentally, physically, and verbally; education is the foundation of our existence. To exist in this world is to exist with technology and Chromebooks in the classroom assure the best learning experience because Chromebooks improve learning. Introducing Chromebooks to students helps students grow with the growth of technology.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

Advantages of introducing Chromebooks to students:

  • Affordability and durability.
    Chromebooks are very affordable, ranging from $250 to $300. One of the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom is that their operating system, Chrome OS, is very unique – it blocks viruses and all types of malware which makes internet a safe place for growing children. The hardware is of excellent quality, being compact and light weight; it makes it perfect for students. Schools can work on introducing Chromebooks to students with poor backgrounds, giving students from every societal class a chance to learn using Chromebooks in the classroom, since Chromebooks improve learning.
  • Student collaboration is how Chromebooks improve learning
    Introducing Chromebooks to students improve learning by teaching the students teamwork and collaboration. Chromebooks in the classroom are meant for studying alone and for interacting with students of other classes and even other schools. This enhances the overall learning experience and gives the children a chance to focus and work hard. Student collaboration is one of the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom.
  • Technology which is easy to use
    Chromebooks in the classroom are extremely easy to use, for both the teachers and the students. Introducing Chromebooks to students is imperative because Chromebooks improve learning. Benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom are multi-faceted. Chromebooks offer generous cloud storage and they also have an excellent battery life. Chromebooks improve learning by making students more tech savvy, which will be of benefit in the long run. Acquiring technical knowledge by Chromebooks in the classroom will help children tune in with the advanced technologies that they may have to use in their future professions. Introducing Chromebooks to students lays down the foundation for producing tech savvy students.
  • Chromebooks in the classroom used with Google Apps
    Chromebooks have become indispensible and a necessity to be used in the classroom. Chromebooks improve learning by multiple apps including Google Classroom on Chromebook which take teaching to a whole new level. Google Classroom is a digital tool is designed to simulate an actual classroom where students and teachers can openly interact in a real-time platform. Teachers can make learning fun by adding animations and videos, all of which are the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom. By introducing Chromebooks to students, every subject, from history to algebra to science, has taken on a new outlook. Teachers and students both applaud the use of Chromebooks in the classroom and the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom. Another Chrome app is the “Typing Club” which helps students get acquainted to the act of typing, thus enhancing their writing and interactive skills. “G suite for Education” is another app that allows children to make their own profiles and save their work in the cloud. This way, students can access their work from any device. Benefits on Chromebooks in the classroom not only pertain to the device itself but also the apps that can be used.
  • Learning from a different perspective by introducing Chromebooks to students
    The world of information is all bundled up in the form of Chromebooks in the classroom; the possibilities of learning anything and everything are endless. The benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom lie in the fact that students view education from a different angle. The traditional lecture giving and curriculum memorizing times are in the past. The present and the future rely on minds that can think for themselves and appreciate every detail about every subject. Chromebooks improve learning by providing a canvas to children to let their creativity and imagination flow, for imagination has no limits and Chromebooks in the classroom can unlock hidden talents and ambitions. Chromebooks improve learning by encouraging children to be curious and search for answers themselves.


What are some disadvantages of Chromebooks in the classroom?

A powerful tool like Chromebooks in the classroom also comes with some disadvantages.

  • Chromebooks in the classroom make students too dependent on technology, making them fully engrossed in it. They talk less and empathize less with each other.
  • Since Chromebooks have a fast browsing speed, children get accustomed to getting information instantly. This takes the aspect of patience out of them, which may have effects on their behavior, for example, easily getting into spats and arguments.
  • Sometimes, not all students are as interactive as the others and keeping a track of such students becomes difficult.
  • The power of pen to paper will never be known to students that are only reliant on Chromebooks in the classroom. Introducing Chromebooks to students at an early age may temper with their fine motor skills, which are made by cutting/coloring etc.

The benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom, however, outweigh the disadvantages. If used in the right and balanced way, Chromebooks in the classroom are a wondrous tool. Introducing Chromebooks to students, if controlled and monitored, brings students closer to technology.

Conclusion to introducing Chromebooks to students:

Incorporation of technology in the form of Chromebooks in the classroom needs security measures for the protection of children. To fully use the benefits on Chromebooks in the classroom, schools have to be CIPA-compliant. NuEduSEC, for this very purpose, offers web filtering programs that secure the internet platform for children and block all type of malware and vulgar content. This renders schools CIPA-compliant, which leads to E-rate funding and thereby the use of Chromebooks in the classroom.