What are the Best Computers for Teachers?

Choosing a computer is a personal task. There is no single computer that is perfect for everybody. Even people in the same profession. So, when it comes to the best computers for teachers, it is a case to case basis. What are your preferences? What types of resources do you need? Are there any compatibility issues with the school network?

Best Computers for Teachers

There are so many choices and so many things to consider when shopping for a new computer; especially for teachers. The best computers for teachers should ideally serve the needs of the teacher and all the students involved in the class. 

How to Find the Best Computers for Teachers

Most of the time, teachers would need their computers for:

  • Taking attendance of the class 
  • Using it to browse the web in order to prepare for lessons 
  • Get the latest updates on teacher resources
  • Make use of Office and other productivity software
  • Make use of communication software for class and parents

With those in mind, it seems like most any laptop can fit these needs. But it still depends on what the teacher teaches and how they teach. This is where the best computers for teachers become situational.

For example, there are teachers who make use of different media such as videos in order to complement their lessons or help out students who learn more through visual learning.

Another example is when a teacher uses heavy media to create presentations of lessons so that they can make them look more appealing.

And then there are those who may need a lot of computing power because they teach technical and specific lessons. High computing power is also needed for those who teach their classes online.

Then there is the factor of budget. The best computers for teachers should be affordable for them. Remember, teacher salaries aren’t that high to begin with. But still, this does not mean they should settle for the cheapest one they can find in the market. This might end up failing the teacher and having to buy a new one so soon which is a lot more expensive than investing in a good computer now.


Suggestions for the Best Computers for Teachers

As mentioned earlier, the best computers for teachers are situational. But here is a list of computers that can help kick start the research and decision-making process for teachers who are in the market for a new computer. Some of the elements taken into account in making this list are:

  • Quality of keyboard - to ensure that teachers maintain a good typing speed
  • Amount and availability of ports - there are many different types of ports for connecting computers to different other devices. Having as many of them as possible is always good.
  • Battery life - always an important aspect. Outlets are usually in high demand in schools.
  • Brightness levels - screen visibility is always a top priority
  • WiFi Protocol - having the latest in WiFi technology ensures good range and connection to the internet.
  • Portability - and of course, portability is a needed functionality for any laptop

With that, here are some of the best computers for teachers:

Macbook Air

Macbooks are tried and tested computers. They provide great performance, have lots of features, are easy to use, and have great specifications. It is portable and have everything a teacher may need. And, it can last for a long time.

However, the main downside of a MacBook is that for its specs, it can be expensive as compared to other brands. And, the operating system may not be compatible with school networks.

HP Chromebook

For those who do not need a specific software for their classes, the Chromebook is a great choice. This has become the go to computer for many educational institutions all over the world since it is easy to use, relatively cheap, and it does the job well.


Asus Zenbook

Combining portability with high-performance, the Zenbook is a wonderful Windows-based computer for teachers. It has nearly every feature teacher look for and is a great alternative for the MacBook Air.

These are just some of the choices when it comes to the best computers for teachers. But at least this is a good starting point on doing research on what fits your own needs.